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Updating everythingSeptember 14 2015 02:55:32

I've recently cooked up a Gentoo installation for my brother, the basis of which was formed by the root file-system of the VirtualBox image on this site. During this process I came across a few problems, mainly with my Xorg installation and .xinitrc. I've therefore updated these scripts to be a little more accommodating to weird systems. The Xorg configuration script now allows one to blacklist drivers that cause kernel issues.

Furthermore an issue with DWM's configuration file, where it referenced to /usr/bin/volume instead of /bin/volume has been corrected. The network initialization script has been updated to randomize the VM's MAC address, just for good measure. These modifications have incurred some dependencies, for probe_all_net this means macchanger is now required, for xconfig the package dmidecode is now necessary. For the .xinitrc file, sysstat, acpi, xsetroot and feh are now required. For the script modinitrd, dropbear is recommended but not required.

The PHP script that this blog uses has also been updated. You can find the updated files below.

File Gentoo.vdi
Size 1.7G
Sha512sum 38c07d40cd7f34335f715e2b658c2109e37780fe0eb282b6a60cc7a28e1cf6f
File config_vbox.tar.xz
Size 25K
Sha512sum e6c02f1890a1d4969f7e443227580f722687d498458707905172d86ba8e9cc9
File config.tar.xz
Size 37.2KiB
Sha512sum 6c9b34ec8d91e8d305698da23d558e02c79f8745d0f7af1fc94e7d4342c831f