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slow but steadySeptember 15 2015 02:36:51

I've been working on documenting and improving my project, LogClustering after a few requests for improvements Michael Ernst made. The progress is slow but steady, and I'll soon be updating the code section with the next version of this pro...[read more]

centralized key serversSeptember 11 2015 19:00:56

Most people are aware of keybase.io, a centralized method of sharing public keys. What most people are not aware of however, is the fact that using a centralized public key storage significantly increases the ease of mass surveillance. For th...[read more]

disclaimerSeptember 11 2015 15:09:06

Copyright 2015, Arno Pol
Complaints, ideas and suggestions welcome by email: admin (at) coredump (dot) ws.
All content on this website, unless otherwise stated, is released under the ...[read more]

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