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Tracking server improvements and thinkrace watchJanuary 03 2022 23:45:55

Version 1.8 of the tracking server contains many improvements - you can find the changes below. I've also had the opportunity to run around and test a thinkrace tracking watch - and it's awesome. It supports many body stats including heart rate, SPO2, systole/diastole, and heart rates above 120 ( xexun does not support this). You can find this device here

Changes in version 1.8:
   -Fix WiFi caching
   -Add SPO2, heart rate, temperature, systole and diastole for thinkrace
   -Fix thinkrace wifi parsing
   -Add MSG= command for thinkrace devices to send a warning/message.
   -Add manual for thinkrace devices
   -Included icons as static image files.

File tracker-1.8.7z
Size 377.45MB
crc32 3140385160
md5 30741f52411ccb915822431362489086
sha512 0050df6a894b61686ca6e12bcd8b7458b182ea19dd9b3249e9eaa87efb0d41cc9cd0d711cadd204f7da528352a6a6c29e70c88ea0be1af33d77e3ae88b395c8b