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Tracker update - Logins - Xexun support and moreAugust 08 2021 13:02:26

It's been a while since I've released a version of the tracker software. Since then a lot has changed - more people started using this website and I've had to fix quite a few bugs. In short: for all existing devices the port to use is now 9000 - there are no device specific ports anymore. The latest xexun devices ( GPS tracking watch etc ) are also supported on this port.

The main change in this release is the support of Xexun's new binary protocol, for instance used in their practical - and inexpensive tracking watch.

This watch supports WiFi and GPS geolocation - and is tamper proof. That means it will send a tamper alert if the device is removed or destroyed. Xexun sell two versions of this - one with an integrated SIM which is entirely waterproof - in order to order one you have to send a SIM card to China, which they install in the device for you. They also sell an ip67 one - which while not completely waterproof and slightly bigger allows the user to change the SIM card. On the tracker service hosted on this website there's one thing to keep in mind: for GPS location from this watch you need to set at least a 10 minute update interval. The device itself supports heart rate and body temperature tracking - graphs for these will be added to the website soon.

The UI for the tracker has also been updated. For security reasons a login and account system has been added - including view-only links that can be safely shared with other people. It's been made more mobile friendly but you can expect more improvements in that in the future.

Changes in short:
    -Made GUI mobile-friendly
    -Added login system
    -Added support for Xexun devices
    -Fixed east/west north/south location for all devices
    -Improved geofence code
    -Improved network code to reduce server load
    -Added geolocation via HERE location services ( you need your own API key for this)

TODO for next release:
    -Code cleanup/refactoring
    -Better tooltips for mobile
    -Heart rate & temperature graph
    -Mobile UI improvements
    -LBS geolocation, also for JIMI devices

File tracker-v1.4.zip
Size 17.60MB
crc32 1320964750
md5 15e9cc863076a875348a440bea3d6f07
sha512 114f43617dc7bf75e6ca1692ec198a74a20781b3dc1b9016424195bb8aaccb915e53a2e61768d36a2e2fe98c165f4e77ea3052c67fdbc8560b7856cb12f9bd3a