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Seasocks based chat serverJune 07 2021 23:27:42

Seasocks is a websocket library made by Matt Godbolt that can be found here. It's an excellent lightweight library for websocket servers. For one of my personal projects I needed a websocket chat server, so I've implemented one using this library - after simplifying the entire build process to one bash command.

You can find the code below, I'm posting it in case it comes in handy for anyone else.

File seasocks.zip
Size 452.75kB
crc32 697075224
md5 bae631c32fbe781fe6c2879c94a65737
sha512 dc41985696ea18c97db1de126e30f91503d5e046df67d5daf47e1b14683e1bea6f04c52419615c9a2a61fcb69dfbeac6f02ed2950299ece67ace51392da8e611