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Rooting Pico Goblin 2 4kNovember 14 2020 00:02:04

The Pico Goblin 2 is a great VR headset, with 3 degrees of freedom but a great resolution - and decent optics and specifications. Besides it having far superior specs to say, the oculus, it's also very developer friendly. I however really like to have control over the devices I own. My VR Headset is no different. Luckily for us - Pico has oem unlocking enabled.

The Goblin is marketed as an Enterprise device - and with this device running on Android it could be really useful as a desktop replacement. However - by default it comes with a lot of gaming options and very little in the way of productivity apps. This blog post then is about remedying that little defect.

After examining the abl file from one of the updates available on their site, I figured out the unlock command is "oem pico unlock". Using this I was quickly able to modify the kernel with Magisk to enable root. After rooting - I removed all bloatware from the system partition and dissasembled the home screen and controller initializer. Turns out these were developed in Unity, so modifying them was a case of extracting the APK then changing the unity files to incorporate my changes. No more nag screens about safety, yay :)

The 7zip file below this post contains a firmware image for the Pico G2 4k. It is based on pui 3.11.5.
The following modifications have been made:
- Removed home screen, start straight to apps screen
- Switching to scene manager is now direct instead of with an event
- Removed the update option
- Added a terminal emulator
- Added FDroid
- Rooted and Added Magisk Manager
- Removed bloat
- Deodexed the rom
- Removed safety and sun damage nag screens

All in all - with these modifications I ended up having the terminal utilities I need ( disk imaging etc ) while still leaving enough space on the system and vendor partition to install a few more apps should I need them. Not having to deal with constant advertizing for videogames is a nice bonus. After using it for a while - I can say that it's pretty useful as a desktop replacement while on the go. And It's absolutely awesome for watching movies.

To use this image, you need the programs "adb" and "fastboot. You can download an archive that contains these here: https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools

In the "system_complete" image I've included a bunch of extra tools ( including apktool binwalk irssi git javac/gcc/java/python/perl ) that enable reverse engineering and work on the shell on your Pico - if you want to use these tools replace the system image in the partitions folder with this image.

In order to install execute "./install" after you have enabled ADB on your device. You can find a how to on enabling ADB here: https://github.com/wearvr/pico-vr-unity-sdk-instructions/blob/master/docs/pico-goblin-developer-mode-usb-debugging.md

File pico_g24.7z
Size 3.55GB
crc32 3795900741
md5 d632a91f356ae5e3ac8804ab9191dd14
sha512 dc7a484a8607762c2165435272820c95c2b28c83814c20a08e58258357c01b318f7d351d46f99568c68e2c5cef725c4bc3128b6493c3a633010c0307249943fc