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Megastek MT200 TrackerJune 07 2021 22:41:33

Since reverse engineering the JIMI AM01 I thought it was nice to reverse engineer another GPS tracker - one that supports 4g this time. The megastek MT200 is just such a device. The mt200 from megastek is one of the only 4g ankle monitors currently on the market. Combined with JIMI these two companies have the majority of direct to consumer sales of ankle monitors

I've used the tracking plaform that I developed for the AM01 ankle monitor and added a server for the MT200 ( which runs on port 6909 ). The protocol is fairly simple as megastek devices just send large text strings containing GPS information. One thing to note is that the accuracy of the MT200 is great - it does not wander much at all.

In order to connect your device to this server you can send the SMS message "$SMS,000000;W003,coredump.ws,8999;!" to the sim card you put in the device. It will then connect to this website - and you can use the free tracking platform hosted here to track your mt200x.

Below this post you can find the files you need to set up a tracking website yourself - and to build the server to host megastek devices. It's free as in freedom - licensed under the GPL.

File mt200x.zip
Size 8.18MB
crc32 3165836161
md5 8738b95f8f58fa88811dc47baf84e43c
sha512 b4b6abdb555cb22c5cfb222d942211079ebf69aa9d72853e0c5cc53bbc735415716f86e49f1f47db78b5acc2660ea19c459158a51f09ba38fa0f2b30b1ca78bb