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JIMI car GPS tracker supportJanuary 10 2023 01:04:40

A long time ago an ex of mine was trying to track the car of her presumably cheating father, and she needed a car tracker for that. Back then, I did not get around to configuring a proper tracker - and just put one together out of parts of a few old ankle monitors I had laying around ( yeah, funny I know. ). Today however I've had the time to update my tracker software to offer basic support for 4g car trackers by JIMI.

Devices like above can be quickly installed on a vehicle, and allow you to find and trace it wherever it goes. This implementation should make it quick and easy to use these kind of devices with my server. As always, you can find the neccesary software below this post.

File tracker-2.2.7z
Size 377.11MB
crc32 2396457714
md5 5dd62e1bac26e5fb6290dff7d505a7d1
sha512 b93aefbd6de13f4d158df653c7595e87d642b4e56ea2513506d1099e9acba8273a64a545e28e8e5dfd81affaac1bced5320a09d224e770b81f95a818118296cf