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GPS Tracker Software UpdateJuly 05 2021 20:34:14

I've done some work to optimize the JIMI tracker server - and make it work with a later version of the JIMI firmware. This was prompted by somebody contacting me about testing one of these GPS trackers. You can find the code below this post. It includes a few optimisations to lower CPU and filesystem usage for this tracker - logging improvements and support for alerts in the latest firmware. Much thanks to this friend for helping debug and improve the software. Thanks to his help I've been able to add software geofence functionalit - as well as greatly improve the reliability of the tracker. I will add a small manual on how to use the AM01 tracker's commands to this post later.

Changes in version 1.2:
   -Improved message translation
   -Added current manual for AM01
   -Software geofence - up to 4096 fences possible
   -Server based disconnect and low battery alerts
   -Browser based notifications on new events

Changes in version 1.3:
   -AM01:Device muted by default - events handled in server
   -AM01:No siren on disconnect because of mute
   -Geofence: bugs fixed
   -Added exclude list for events which should not give an alarm
   -AM01: when sat. count is low ( <5 ) do not trigger geofence alerts. because of inaccuracy.

File tracker-1.3.zip
Size 17.01MB
crc32 1623236546
md5 0583d878c52d00418e46a80eba771aa5
sha512 7321bece72634249cedc959036283eb9d081cb9e0a9e0a7b61317c124d0620dda963a13132f2efa1f11562d67caefc114c4e719b9ca65844407e4d405d54a45e