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ES121 Screwdriver FirmwareJune 20 2021 19:48:13

The ES121 is an electronic screwdriver - that comes with open source firmware. It was interesting as a tool to me because it has more torque than a xiaomi screwdriver, and is of course programmable.

The only downside I've noticed is that there was no way to lock the screwdriver in forward or backward mode. Luckily this repository exists with firmware for this screwddriver. After examining the firmware there are lots of cool features - and everything can be automated - even different torque patterns in sequence for instance. For my needs I added a few modes: double tap the button to run forwards, tripple to run backwards, and four times for menu. You can find the modified code below this post. So far this tool with the extra modes has been really useful. Having a mode where it runs constantly means you avoid any of the grip issues it has. And boy does this thing have a lot of torque for such a small screwdriver. You can find my custom firmware below - I hope it's useful for anyone. You can follow the guide here to flash your own with custom firmware.

File es121.zip
Size 393.91kB
crc32 1598108297
md5 8be0e43b7b0b9f28a8d7c95239b1468d
sha512 8883e8b08dc296e5ef2d11293dbbd4b4b80f32d88a134fae97473a09078b84042c8aa2f2e81bd587c5a8bf3c57ab9576777f79d4aa9fea5974319f4949e6ee61