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virtualbox and squashfsSeptember 14 2015 02:36:32

In the previous two posts I covered setting up a gentoo server. Today I will show a method to reduce a Gentoo image - including a full Xorg installation and a web browser to the point where it will easily fit on a 2Gb USB stick.

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mail serverSeptember 14 2015 02:33:43

In the previous post I covered setting up a server that allows the entire system to be encrypted. Today I will cover further setup of this system, including traffic shaping, a webserver and a mailserver.

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gentooSeptember 13 2015 18:02:03

This website runs on a relatively insecure VPS. Hence I developed a set of scripts to aid me in maintaining a certain amount of privacy. Below you will find a Gentoo distribution for use in these environments. It comes with an initrd that au...[read more]

disclaimerSeptember 13 2015 18:02:02

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