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Geolocation monopolyAugust 08 2021 15:06:19

For the tracker software/project hosted on this website I've chosen HERE as the location system - even though it's a lot less accurate than Google's location system. This is a cost based decision - google charges 200$ for 20.000 location requests...[read more]

Tracker update - Logins - Xexun support and moreAugust 08 2021 13:02:26

It's been a while since I've released a version of the tracker software. Since then a lot has changed - more people started using this website and I've had to fix quite a few bugs. In short: for all existing devices the port to use is now 9000 - ...[read more]

GPS Tracker Software UpdateJuly 05 2021 20:34:14

I've done some work to optimize the JIMI tracker server - and make it work with a later version of the JIMI firmware. This was prompted by somebody contacting me about testing one of these GPS trackers. You can find the code below this post. It i...[read more]

ES121 Screwdriver FirmwareJune 20 2021 19:48:13

The ES121 is an electronic screwdriver - that comes with open source firmware. It was interesting as a tool to me because it has more torque than a xiaomi screwdriver, and is of course programmable. ...[read more]

Seasocks based chat serverJune 07 2021 23:27:42

Seasocks is a websocket library made by Matt Godbolt that can be found here. It's an excellent lightweight library for websocket servers. For one of my personal projects I needed a websocket cha...[read more]

Megastek MT200 TrackerJune 07 2021 22:41:33

Since reverse engineering the JIMI AM01 I thought it was nice to reverse engineer another GPS tracker - one that supports 4g this time. The megastek MT200 is just such a device. The mt200 from megastek is one of the only 4g ankle monitors current...[read more]

VR headset linux desktopMay 12 2021 00:22:40

A VR headset as a linux desktop

I've recently gotten around to installing linux on my pico goblin VR headset to make a useable Linux desktop. In this blog post I'll describe how I did that. If you want to skip to the firmware - scrol...[read more]

JIMI AM01 Ankle Monitor Reverse EngineeringFebruary 28 2021 22:06:51

I recently came across the JIMI AM01 ankle monitor on alibaba - which is basically a personal GPS tracker.. of sorts ;) Except with a better battery life, and more advanced safety features. Being the awesome Chinese tech company they are at JIMI,...[read more]

Rooting Pico Goblin 2 4kNovember 14 2020 00:02:04

The Pico Goblin 2 is a great VR headset, with 3 degrees of freedom but a great resolution - and decent optics and specifications. Besides it having far superior specs to say, the oculus, it's also very developer friendly. I however really like to...[read more]

NoVNC with audioOctober 26 2020 23:32:43

Portability is very useful - and I like being able to take my workspace everywhere. For a while now I've had a VPS with the german provider Contabo - and so far I've only used it for shell access. Of course I'm running Gentoo so transforming the ...[read more]

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