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VR headsetsJanuary 11 2021 20:57:04

Today's post is a quick post on VR headsets. I've been interested in VR and head mount displays for a very long time - seeing their potential in replacing a bulky computer monitor. I've owned the myvu crystal for a while, and modified it to attach to a raspberry pi way back when. I recall it's video quality being very dissapointing.

Nowadays the quality of these headsets is muich higher. I own both the goovis young and the pico goblin. I chose these headsets specifically because they fill a niche - the pico goblin is great for watching movies on and for ocasional terminal use, and it being standalone is very portable. The goovis young on the other hand has a very high resolution -which means that looking at it is very much like looking at a big 1920x1080 screen. Neither one requires particularly fancy hardware, or is particularly expensive, and my use cases don't involve gaming. Although the goovis can be used for that. Each of these headsets i've modified with a headstrap designed for the oculus quest. This headstrap can be found here.

Below you can see these modifications.

All in all either headset makes for a decent portable replacement for a monitor - however as far as the pico goblin goes the quality isn't quite there yet. I expect that once 8k standalone headsets become available text readability will be good enough on a standalone headset that a solution like the goovis is no longer neccesary for for instance text editing. At that point we can all have as many virtual monitors as we like :) Considering the progress made in the past decade it really is amazing how far technology has gone.