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Highschool math is trickyAugust 09 2022 07:58:38

There has been a lot of fuss about electric vehicles, going green and all that lately. And a war with Russia and a restricted fuel/LNG supply in europe. If you consider the limited fuel available - it's important we use it wisely.

If you read This link you will see a bunch of scientists preaching that a litre of gasoline contains 8.9kwh of energy.... So a luddite might think "wow electric vehicles are awesome" ... however this is only correct if you use it for heating - and you *burn* it to get all those calories out.

Let's do the actual math and let's look at diesel generators - because there's ample statistics on them. this chart shows that ideally you use 0.32 litres of diesel per kwh of energy generated, or 1 liter contains about 4kwh of electric energy. A tesla uses 17.5kwh for 100km according to this. This means that to produce this energy you would use 5.64 litres of diesel. A diesel car can do 78.5 mpg or 2.99 litres per 100km. This means the diesel car is more efficient - even without considering transmission losses and battery losses - because power needs to get from that generator to your home to charge that car.

But - the tesla is cheaper fuel wise - because electricity is not taxed the same as fuel used in combustion vehicles. Even if it's not as environmentally friendly or efficient. It's basically a rich asshole's way of tax avoidance while driving.