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Comparing Cheap OscilloscopesJanuary 02 2021 18:18:26

This post is going to be a short review of a few Digital Oscilloscopes. For my hobbies electronics and car maintenance I regularly use an oscilloscope. So far I've used 3 models from AliExpress which all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

All of the oscilloscopes in this review can be bought on AliExpress for under 100$. The first oscilloscope I'll review is the DSO112A.

The DSO112A has the nicest interface out of all 3 oscilloscopes - it's got a touch screen and a very easy to use set of menus. The only downside it's sampling rate which is the lowest of all 3. Upside is that it's available with and without case, and if you need a small panel mount oscilloscope somewhere it is very easy to include in a project.
The second oscilloscope is the DSO1511e, the oscilloscope I use the most.

This oscilloscope has a great bandwidth for the price - although the sampling rate is greatly overstated. It can display a square wave somewhat accurately up to 4mhz, and it's got a built in PWM generator. For the price ( 60-70 euros ) it's a very good oscilloscope with self explanatory menus.

The last oscilloscope I want to review is the miniware oscilloscope. I'm a big fan of miniware hardware however this device dissapoints.

Not only is it more expensive than the DSO1511e, it's bandwidth is lower. The menus are less intuitive to use and it just feels clumsy because of that. On the upside it does have two channels.

Here you can see my electronics workbench. It contains the DSO1511e, a riden 6018 power supply, a constant current load ( found here) and a 8 amp power supply with remote ( found here ). It's also got a mount for a small glue gun and a ts80p soldering iron. This is basically my go to for small electronics work at home.