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Small efficiency improvementsMarch 21 2023 19:59:29

I've recently been working to make the most out of this webserver, and the software running on it. Doing so involved improving how this server handles it's resources - memory and CPU. As the first step I've looked at the VNC server, and it's audio component. With a few small modifications I was able to significantly reduce CPU usage of the audio server - and decrease it's latency as well. I cut out the "sockify" application that was in between the webbrowser and the audio application - and instead just added websocket support to this app. This was easy and quick enough to do. You can find the code for this - including the NoVNC release I use below this post.

File vnc.tar.gz
Size 146.27kB
crc32 676857875
md5 53340c476a883038fc025c773cf8e38e
sha512 ed684d619814f5d59ef673705ef8a7d610f9f50d0f5bd50fdf07defb06a880dd0043eb545ffbc78c7f0a3093d9c5fcb5d8538179ac1b6ba7a767c794ef4c5328