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I want to be like the NSADecember 30 2022 20:24:34

Every digital device, no matter if it is running software by Microsoft or Google I consider basically compromised - they may as well ( and probably do ) have root access to it. However, me being me, I like having the same amount of access and information. Just in case my device gets stolen/lost/otherwise dissapears. For this I've created a small service that can be run on boot, based on the source code of "iwlist" - which is freely available and GPL'd.

This tool, which you can find below this post as source code, can connect to my GPS tracker server, and send it the current coordinates as found by the Android system, as well as all the nearby WiFi networks. This allows the server then to determine where the phone is. This file can be compiled with an arch arm64 installation, or any other arm64 linux machine.

gcc -o gpstrack -O3 -static phonetrack.c

After compiling it, you can remount the vendor partition as r/w, copy the binary to it, and install it by modifying an init.rc script like so:

#chcon "u:object_r:shell_exec:s0"/vendor/bin/gpstrack
#cat /vendor/etc/init/wlan_assistant.rc
service wlan_assistant /vendor/bin/wlan_assistant
    class main
    user wifi
    group system gps inet

on post-fs-data
    start gpstrack

service gpstrack /vendor/bin/track
    seclabel u:r:magisk:s0

Now add a few lines to run socat as well for a reverse shell to your device, and you have the same access the NSA probably does, on the go. And a factory reset will not remove it :) So woe to anyone who steals your device. Not only can you access the phone remotely, you know where it is, 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

File tracker-2.0.7z
Size 377.37MB
crc32 1542993883
md5 8c5c7ad4423271298ba9baaaa36aee90
sha512 0f28f74dbc61c244140c916eec169b5334c7479d8807a58cdbf9f74d778bbb5854f386e4774986ce8433dba64580b711fe8ba021e833cd8b660dd16e81dbe1f6
File phonetrack.c
Size 22.49kB
crc32 1436839025
md5 c459a1ef9b8745ce6593917f492a35f8
sha512 017699fe1e00c60d6cf26ee4cc1a063018d00228d90872700dfee4fc5b89309de67f94ec6d000e9180290b0f16c463e83dc1fa5374ad8549afa9cdbb5689942e