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VR headset linux desktopMay 12 2021 00:22:40

A VR headset as a linux desktop

I've recently gotten around to installing linux on my pico goblin VR headset to make a useable Linux desktop. In this blog post I'll describe how I did that. If you want to skip to the firmware - scrol...[read more]

JIMI AM01 Ankle Monitor Reverse EngineeringFebruary 28 2021 22:06:51

I recently came across the JIMI AM01 ankle monitor on alibaba - which is basically a personal GPS tracker.. of sorts ;) Except with a better battery life, and more advanced safety features. Being the awesome Chinese tech company they are at JIMI,...[read more]

Rooting Pico Goblin 2 4kNovember 14 2020 00:02:04

The Pico Goblin 2 is a great VR headset, with 3 degrees of freedom but a great resolution - and decent optics and specifications. Besides it having far superior specs to say, the oculus, it's also very developer friendly. I however really like to...[read more]

NoVNC with audioOctober 26 2020 23:32:43

Portability is very useful - and I like being able to take my workspace everywhere. For a while now I've had a VPS with the german provider Contabo - and so far I've only used it for shell access. Of course I'm running Gentoo so transforming the ...[read more]

Continuous deploymentJuly 22 2020 22:12:55

Gentoo Linux is a source based distribution - which means you compile everything yourself. It's also called a meta distribution because it's fairly easy to roll your own distro based off of it. That is exactly what I've done for my current iterat...[read more]

Finished android overlayJuly 10 2020 19:05:53

Since my last post about android I've updated the system image I've built and added a few tools to make things easier. I've added sshfs to mount a remote webhost - I've also added upx to pack (and compress) binaries - and reduced the size of the ...[read more]

Mobile phone forensicsJune 28 2020 18:16:38

A cellphone is basically a linux device that you're always carrying with you. Since I've got root access on mine - why not add a few tools that make my daily tasks easier? To this end I set out to modify my android system image.
I'm somewhat...[read more]

Ulefone armor 3wJune 21 2020 15:49:14

The phone I'm currently using is a Ulefone Armor 3W. It's a very capable device with a 10.000mah battery that will last days if not weeks, a 8-core CPU and storage comparable to a laptop if you add a suitable microSD card. I'm using a 512gb card ...[read more]

To manual modprobe or notJune 20 2020 19:18:23

To modprobe or not to modprobe? That's the quesion. Udev has many advantages, for instance not loading unneccesary drivers - quick startup times and reduced power consumption. That is why I've recently updated my gentoo installation's initrd to s...[read more]

Linux power savingJune 20 2020 17:55:12

As I stated in my previous post I recently bought a new laptop, a Clevo PA70ES. It's quite a power hungry beast when running on maximum settings. In this post I'll be taking you through the optimisations I've done to enable this laptop to run off...[read more]

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