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JIMI car GPS tracker supportJanuary 10 2023 01:04:40

A long time ago an ex of mine was trying to track the car of her presumably cheating father, and she needed a car tracker for that. Back then, I did not get around to configuring a proper tracker - and just put one together out of parts of a few ...[read more]

I want to be like the NSADecember 30 2022 20:24:34

Every digital device, no matter if it is running software by Microsoft or Google I consider basically compromised - they may as well ( and probably do ) have root access to it. However, me being me, I like having the same amount of access and inf...[read more]

Ulefone Armor 18TDecember 27 2022 19:44:49

Recently my old phone ( Armor 3W ) finally died, after dropping it once too many times and cycling with it in the rain once too often. After looking through the internet for the next rugged phone to buy, and seeing many other options with thermal...[read more]

Myrope support and mch2022July 23 2022 05:19:20

This post contains the latest release of the GPS tracker server. I will hold a talk on it at MCH2022. New devices: myrope and 4p-touch.com.

...[read more]

Tracking server improvements and thinkrace watchJanuary 03 2022 23:45:55

Version 1.8 of the tracking server contains many improvements - you can find the changes below. I've also had the opportunity to run around and test a thinkrace tracking watch - and it's awesome. It supports many body stats including heart rate, ...[read more]

Thinkrace tracker supportDecember 26 2021 23:28:56

Another week another chinese manufacturer of GPS trackers - this time I've added support for Thinkrace ankle monitors. Quality/runtime wise they're somewhere between Megastek and JIMI, they're lighter and more ergonomic than megastek devices - bu...[read more]

Bosch Power4all Batteries to Makita modSeptember 05 2021 20:10:59

Bosch has a new battery system - power4all. This means their batteries are now interchangeable. Unfortunately, it's got an unique identifier and thermistor it requires which means it won't work with Makita batteries out of the box. The Bosch powe...[read more]

Tracker improvementsSeptember 05 2021 00:23:25

It's been a while since I've released a new version of the tracking software. This version includes LBS geolocation for JIMI devices - massive improvements in WiFi accuracy and more. You can find the link below this post to download it and try it...[read more]

Geolocation monopolyAugust 08 2021 15:06:19

For the tracker software/project hosted on this website I've chosen HERE as the location system - even though it's a lot less accurate than Google's location system. This is a cost based decision - google charges 200$ for 20.000 location requests...[read more]

Tracker update - Logins - Xexun support and moreAugust 08 2021 13:02:26

It's been a while since I've released a version of the tracker software. Since then a lot has changed - more people started using this website and I've had to fix quite a few bugs. In short: for all existing devices the port to use is now 9000 - ...[read more]

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